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Image by Andrzej Kryszpiniuk


Sharing with client's consent.  Names have been changed to protect client privacy and confidentiality.  

Writing on Beach

"I have engaged Jennifer's counselling sessions numerous times to help me with strategies to juggle work and being a mother.  I found our sessions left me feeling empowered to make better decisions to reduce my anxiety.  The beach side walks are great too."  


"When I came to therapy I was at a real low point and was even considering suicide as a way out of what felt like an impossible situation.  Jen helped me find hope and a reason to live again.  I now feel stronger and more optimistic about the future."


"I saw Jen for Christian counselling to manage my feelings of not being good enough.  I am so thankful that Jen helped me see myself as God does.  For the first time in my life I am able to accept myself just as I am."


"I was very fortunate to have had sessions with Jen.  She is kind, caring, supportive, encouraging, and a genuine professional.  All the qualities a person in need looks for. In our sessions I would state my feelings and concerns and Jen made me feel listened to and understood. The strategies were of great value to me and have been beneficial to enhancing my mindset and demeanour. Jen was able to help me using a holistic approach.  This enabled my sessions to be successful and I was able to work through my concerns with her guidance, knowledge, and expertise."


Cliffs and Ocean
Sunset Views

"I was at rock bottom, angry and resentful in a relationship, overtaken by life, humourless, and broken.  Jen listened kindly and gently to my story without judgement.  Then she set about equipping me to feel better and do better.  Jen has a wealth of knowledge and she tailored her strategies to suit me and my personality.  We practiced techniques for improving communication until they became a part of my thought process.  I looked forward to my time with Jen.  She got my strength, confidence, and sense of humour back and reminded me that I have value.  Now, my relationship is revived and I laugh again."


"Jen is a warm, genuine and caring colleague who exudes integrity.  Her professional knowledge and life experiences, in combination with her ability to be present, empathetic and nonjudgmental are the perfect combination for clients who are seeking a safe space to share whatever issues they are struggling with.  Jen's client centred approach means that she values, respects and accepts every client as the unique individual that they are, knowing that they know their own life better than anyone. For this reason, she works in a flexible way to help clients bring about the changes in their lives that they are looking for." 


Walk on the Beach
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